• A Cafe with Meaning : Metro Arts Espresso

A Cafe with Meaning : Metro Arts Espresso

Great coffee, original art, and good feels all round … does it get any better? That’s whats on offer and more at  Metro Arts Espresso Brisbane, part of a non for profit project providing aspiring Australian artists with means to create, develop, experiment, and present ambitious contemporary art. Pumping out some serious coffee on our classic Dolce Bar Blend, the profits from the espresso bar are considerable part of the organisations funds,  services and networks to facilitate artists’ broader engagement with the industry.


Named by Style Magazine as one of the best 2016 spots for coffee in Brisbane, this funky espresso bar can be found at the base of a five story heritage building on Edwards st in Brisbane’s CBD. The building is filled with plenty of character and charm, but a little dated on the technological side, which is why the latest project at Metro Arts is a ‘Lift the Lift’ Fundraiser to replace the dilapidated 77 year old elevator, and make the building more accessible to everyone.


Want to get involved? There are lots of prizes to be won for donations big and small, one of those being free coffee for life! You can get involved, donate and read more at: https://pozible.com/project/lift-the-lift-2

Love the sound of this cafe?  Metro Arts Espresso Brisbane also hire out a range of their spaces to the wider public at a low cost for creative business meetings,  photo shoots, rehearsals, celebrations, forums and more. See Below for details to get in touch!

Phone: (+617) 3002 7100
Email: info@metroarts.com.au
Address: 109 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4001



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