Research and Development

In 2014 we opened our Research & Development – Roasting Laboratory in order to better educate aspiring baristas in the art of making coffee, as well as equip them with the knowledge and passion required to become a professional barista.  With our flagship concept store – Next Door by Schibello onsite, this facility marks a major milestone of all the achievements we have accomplished in the past, and symbolises our vision of the future.
In addition to their training academy and espresso bar, the facility also features a roasting laboratory, complete with a boutique roaster, which allows Schibello Caffé to perform cupping session and experiment with small batches of new blends. The laboratory will be open for cupping session, and is available for clients who want an exclusive coffee blend developed for them.
With our additional facility opening in Sydney we now have the capability to offer other coffee suppliers an opportunity to have their coffee roasted by Schibello Caffe’s 15 year knowledge and experience in coffee roasting. With access to a multitude of green coffee producers and importers we are able to provide sample cupping of coffee from different origins and assist with developing blends for individual clients’ needs.

Our expert roasting team will work with you to create a business solution that caters to your branding, packaging and delivery requirements.

As a contract coffee roaster, we will source, roast, blend and package your coffee, maintaining a high standard of quality at all times. You can choose the country of origin; the coffee farm and /or style of coffee to create a perfect blend or a Single Origin that will satisfy your needs.

You will be guaranteed consistent, great tasting coffee, produced to your specifications with each order and have the peace of mind knowing that it will be dispatched and delivered on time directly from our Roasting facility in Sydney.

Contract Roasting
The largest and most improved area of Next Door is tour new Training Academy. Situated in Rhodes next door to the Schibello Caffé headquarters, the facility features a State of the Art coffee training academy coupled with an on-site espresso bar for baristas to put their knowledge into practice, as well as a dedicated roasting laboratory.

As pioneers of Italian espresso in Australia, Schibello Caffé’s training academy was created to equip aspiring baristas with knowledge and passion of the art of espresso. After honing their skills with training courses, baristas can gain practical experience to perfect their skills through the facility’s espresso bar, Next Door by Schibello.

Training Academy
Next Door by Schibello is the flagship concept store of Schibello Caffé. It is situated at Rhodes, Sydney right next to our head office (hence, the name). This concept store is the extension of our state of art training academy, where trained baristas will have the chance to perfect their coffee making skills and put what they have learnt into practice. We also use this space to showcase all ours and our partners’ products, including coffee, tea, coffee machines and all things that we think works well in a café/ espresso bar set up. We source the best products that we believe in, so to create the best espresso bar one could possibly imagine.

We have kept the design and the interior of the store as rustic and urban as possible to resemble the nature of coffee. Timbers and bricks are the main components. Together with the high ceiling, warm lightings, plants, we have added a touch of bold colours and artistic features to give this space life and room for imaginations.

Concept Store