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Dolce Bar Blend

Intense, with a mixture of spiciness and a hint of acidity. Finishes with a bittersweet taste...

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Black Label Blend

Intense notes of nut and dried berries, with smooth nutty chocolate... 

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Dolce Strong Blend

Heavy sweetness with a pleasant and intense dark fruit notes...

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Decaffeinated Blend

Subtle hint of honey and vanilla, with medium body...

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Dolce Bar

Origins: Brazil, India, Papua New Guinea
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma: Very bright, with a distinct warming spiciness
Flavour: Sweet and intense flavour
Body: Medium and round  

Dolce Bar was the first blend for Schibello Caffé. It is a medium to dark roast that is intended to be mild and is suitable for drinking at any time of the day.
The Dolce Bar blend consists of beans from Brazil, India and Papua New Guinea. The combination of the beans gives it a medium body with good crema that is essential to this espresso. The bright spiciness and acidity imbues the blend with delicate flavour accents, and gives it a dash of complexity and dimension. Finish with a beautiful bittersweet taste.

It took much trial and error to find the perfect balance of beans from around the world to complete the Dolce Bar blend. Dolce Bar was Schibello Caffé's first, and it has now become one of our most popular blends.

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Exclusive Black Label

Origins: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Colombia
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma: Intense with notes of nut and dried berries 
Flavour: Mild complexity, with smooth nutty chocolate 
Body: Medium, smooth texture

The Exclusive Black Label is blended with beans from Brazil, PNG and Colombia. The top quality Arabica beans give a full and smooth body to the blend, with a captivating and delicate nutty berries aroma. Elegant layers of fine and smooth nutty chocolate flavour, leaves a smooth and refined lingering taste. A bright cup full of character, ideal for an espresso.

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Dolce Strong

Origins: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, India
Roast: Medium / Dark to Dark
Aroma: Very Bright, with a distinct warming spiciness
Flavour: Heavy sweetness, intense dark fruit notes 
Body: Medium

With the combination of beans from Brazil, PNG and India, the Dolce Strong has a bright and warm spiciness in its aroma. It is a medium body coffee, with an intense sweetness and a dark fruit notes. Ideal in any milk drink to bring out the strong and true espresso flavour, leaving a mellow lingering taste.  

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Origins: Peru
Roast: Medium to dark
Aroma: Complex, with notes of honey and vanilla  
Flavour: Velvety and Round with mild acidity
Body: Medium with good depth 

We use the mountain water washed method for decaffeination and is guaranteed 100% chemical free and 99.9% caffeine free. The beans are from Peru and are 100% fair traded and organic. It has a subtle hint of honey and vanilla in its aroma, a medium body with good depth, hence gives very good espresso strength as a decaffeinated coffee.  


Foglia Organic Blend

Bright fruity flavours, with a hint of citrus, nuts and all spice...

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The Colombian Reserve

Sweet orange winery flavour, with syrupy chocolate tone... 

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The Colombian Single Origin

Fine layers of chocolate and orange...

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Get Shorty

A medium to dark roasted coffee with a strong rustic and malty dry fragrance...

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88 Degrees

The 88 Degrees blend features a medium body through out...

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Foglia Organic

Origin: Bolivia
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma: Complex and clean 
Flavour: Fruity, with hints of citrus, nuts & allspice 
Body: Light to Medium

With environmental issues becoming more important to today’s general public, as well as the potential direct impact chemicals can have on the taste of espresso coffee, we have introduced Foglia Organic to our range of products. Foglia Organic is a ‘single origin’ coffee from plantations in Bolivia. Foglia Organic uses beans certified by USDA and Fair-trade as having been grown organically and in harmony with the environment. The plantations are worked without the use of pesticides, additives, Genetically Modified (GM) products, chemical herbicides or fertilizers.

The Foglia Organic has a clean aroma, with a nice fruity flavour. A medium to light bodied coffee that gives a hint of caramel taste when served as an espresso. This blend would also balance well in a latte or cappuccino. 

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The Colombian Reserve

Origins: Colombia, Papua New Guinea (Kimel), Brazil, Ethiopia (Limu)
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma: Nutty and warm spiciness
Flavour: Sweet orange winery flavour, with syrupy chocolate tone
Body: Medium to full body

The Colombian Reserve is supremo blended with 100% Arabica beans from Kimel (PNG), Colombia, Brazil and Limu (Ethiopia). Medium to full body with fine and balancing acidity. The nutty and warm spiciness in aroma leads to the sweet orange and chocolate flavour. Finishing in the cocoa berry sweetness, it is an extremely elegant cup with outstanding flavours.

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The Colombian Single Origin

Origins: Colombia
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma: Bright Citrus
Flavour: Fine layers of chocolate and orange
Body: Pleasantly smooth and light

The Colombian is a single origin coffee in plantation that grown at 1700m above sea level. Pleasantly smooth and light body, with a bright citrus aroma. Fine layers of chocolate and orange in flavour, leaving a good acidity and a tangy aftertaste. A clean cup with bright characters.

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Get Shorty

Origins: India, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Colombia
Roast:Medium to Dark
Aroma:Malty aroma with a slight rustic tangy sweetness
Flavour:Malty and nutty taste with very delicate acidity, finish with a chocolaty tone
Body:Medium body but substantially smooth

Get shorty consists of `all A grade beans from India, Costa Rica, Sumatra and Colombia. It is a medium to dark roasted coffee with a strong rustic and malty dry fragrance, and a very slight hint of tangy sweetness in the wet aroma. The malty and nutty taste adds smoothness to the body, with a very delicate acidity and finishes in a chocolaty tone. It is a well-rounded cup of espresso, but could penetrate well through milk.

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88 Degrees

Origins:Brazil, Papua New Guinea, India
Roast: Medium to Dark
Aroma:Very bright, with a distinct warming spiciness
Flavour:Great and intense flavour
Body:Medium and Round

The 88 Degrees blend features a medium body through out, with a thick, rich crema. Its mild acidity and bright spiciness, makes this blend a cup full of liveliness. Works well with any milk based coffee, adding a hint of sweetness to every pour.


We provide a range of quality espresso coffee machines that are custom designed in Italy by BFC, and imported into Australia by Schibello Caffé under an exclusive licence agreement.

We are able to provide a complete range of spare parts and prompt service for our machines, as well as access to professionals specialising in our machines to ensure the longevity and continued enjoyment of purchase.

Whether you're looking for a machine for your home, cafe, or office workplace, Schibello Caffé has a complete range to suit. For further information, contact Head Office on (02) 9807 6033 to discuss your requirements.

We also provide full comprehensive training if required, either at our training facilities in Rhodes or on site, to assist you in deriving the maximum potential and pleasure from your machine. Our range of machines includes One Group, Two Group and Three Group Espresso Machines as well as industrial Grinders.


The Lira Series of espresso coffee machines is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design. It has the look and feel of function, substance and elegance that fits easily in any contemporary or traditional establishment. The Lira Series are available in multiple groups with various boiler size configurations to accommodate any needs. 

Model Width Height Depth Weight Litre Amps Phase
Lira 2 group Compatta 690mm 567mm 574mm 52kg 8 15 Single
Lira 2 group Automatic 812mm 567mm 574mm 70kg 14 20 Single
Lira 3 group Automatic 981mm 567mm 574mm 85kg 21 25 Single
Lira 4 group Automatic 1201mm 567mm 574mm 100kg 27 32 Single
* Machines are available in Red / White / Black / Chrome.


Monza is a traditional automatic professional espresso and cappuccino making machine. High capacity boiler provides continuous operation in large restaurant that require a reliable coffee making machine. High quality with distinguish Italian design.  

Model Width Height Depth Weight Litre Amps Phase
Monza 2 group Automatic 735mm 611mm 556mm 70kg 14 20 Single
* Machines are available in Stainless Steel / Gold / Blue


Imola has an enormous appetite for brewing coffee. Its large boiler and high power could cope with the busiest café, with the LCD display to keep you informed of what is going on. Available in three colours.

Model Width Height Depth Weight Litre Amps Phase
Imola 3 group Automatic 902mm 611mm 556mm 85kg 21 20 Single
* Machines are available in Stainless Steel / Gold / Blue


Maranello is a 4 groups traditional automatic espresso coffee machine. It is automatic programmable dosing model by keyboards. Large capacity copper inner boiler with continuous heat circulation.

Model Width Height Depth Weight Litre Amps Phase
Maranello 4 group Automatic 1100mm 611mm 556mm 100kg 27 25 Single
* Machines are available in Stainless Steel / Gold / Blue


Galileo is the latest model designed and manufactured by BFC Italy. Its innovative energy saving system can maintain both temperature and pressure constantly in an elevated enerey saving manner, yet continue to produce the finest cup of coffee for your enjoyment.

Model Width Height Depth Weight Litre Amps Phase
Galileo 2 group Standard 773mm 577mm 587mm 65kg 11 20 Single
Galileo 2 group Traditional  773mm 577mm 587mm 70kg 14 20 Single 
Galileo 3 group Standard  943mm 577mm 587mm  75kg   14  25 Single 
Galileo 3 group Traditional  943mm 577mm 587mm 85kg 21  25 Single 
Galileo 4 group Traditional 1161mm 577mm 587mm 100kg 27 30 Single 

Schibello Caffe' provides a range of quality grinders to give the chance of enjoying the authentic fresh coffee taste.
Our suppliers are:


Fiorenzato was established back in 1936 and initially produced only grinder-doser for coffee.

After the war and with the economic recovery, operations again began with Fiorenzato over the years developing an entire range of bar appliances.

This long-standing and continuous experience, acquired over the years, has been passed on to the present company and has made the FIORENZATO appliances almost unrivalled in terms of appearance and reliability. The FIORENZATO brand is, and always will be, acknowledged in the coffee business as a symbol of quality.

Model Power Grinders Types and Diameter Motor Coffee Beans Container Capacity Net Weight
F5 1.5 Amps Flat disk 64mm 1350 r.m.p. 50Hz
1550 r.m.p. 60Hz
1.5kg 14 kg
F6 3 Amps Flat disk 83mm 1400 r.m.p. 50Hz
1600 r.m.p. 60Hz
1.5kg 20 kg
F63 K 3 Amps Conical 63mm 450 r.m.p. 50Hz
500 r.m.p. 60Hz
1.5kg 35 kg


Since 1920 Eureka is the leader in design and manufacture of coffee grinders for coffee shops and coffee roasters.

Thanks to their high quality, precision and reliability, Eureka coffee grinders and grinder-dosers are today the reference standard on coffee grinding in more than 50 countries.

Italian Technology, passion for coffee: This is Eureka!

Model Power Flat Grinding Blades Motor Motor Coffee Beans Hopper Capacity Ground Coffee Doser Capacity Height Width Depth
Eureka Mini 1Amp 50mm 220V 50Hz 0.25kg -- 320mm 110mm 170mm