No matter how you spell it, all that really matters is that Gesha coffees are rare and delicious.

If you’re interested in some of the history on this special varietal, read on…

The region from which this coffee hails and the traditions to which it is tied, are hundreds of years old and go by the name of “Gesha”— without the i.

Gesha is a coffee producing region in Ethiopia, from which the popular Gesha coffee variety is thought to originate, same as the Chardonnay grape is named for the Burgundy village of Chardonnay.

The Gesha coffee variety was discovered by British colonial expeditions in the 1930s in southwest Ethiopia, brought to research stations in Kenya and Tanzania, and then subsequently to Panama for its coffee leaf rust-resistant traits. A certain “Geisha Mountain” was referenced in 1936 by those British colonials, but, plot twist: there is no Geisha Mountain in Ethiopia. Instead, there is a Gesha region of Ethiopia.

Nonetheless, the term “Geisha” stuck. Perhaps due to the parallels between this coffee beans exotic and rare nature, as well as its delicate, floral flavour profile and the imagery of Japanese Geisha performers.

In our Gesha Single Origin this month, see if you can taste tropical berries, raisin & chocolate with a spice finish. Just click the picture below to buy some now or get some more of last months favourite; our Kibuye from Burundi. Enjoy 🙂

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