As of writing, half of Australia has officially gone into lockdown. That’s roughly 13 million of us confined to our homes as we try to get Covid-19 numbers under control. Whilst acknowledging that this is a necessary means to a hopeful end and that by staying home, we’re playing a vital role in helping our neighbour as well as ourselves, many are finding it tough being so isolated from family, friends, and co-workers. Even if you’ve only just started WFH, adjusting to this new-norm isn’t easy. From an office full of people where coffee breaks and chats were a regular occurrence, to being confined within the four walls of our homes every day of the week isn’t necessarily conducive to healthy work or life habits. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the blurred lines between work-life and home-life have resulted in people working longer hours than usual; they’re taking less breaks and experiencing burnout. So, what can we do to protect our mental health and ensure remote-working works for us and not against us? Here are a few suggestions:

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team have continued to be on the ground, visiting cafes and small businesses, and have listened to all of the setbacks and issues at play. This list has compiled the solutions to many of those setbacks in hopes that other local businesses can stay ahead.

Note: We’re also continuing our training workshops over zoom, so if you need any staff training, technical support, or help with any of the above, we’re more than happy to assist over zoom!

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