We are here for the long run.

It’s certainly no surprise that the hospitality industry has been one of the most devastatingly impacted industries since the beginning of the pandemic – and this recent new wave forcing half of the country into lockdown doesn’t give much hope of it improving any time soon.

As such, now more than ever, it’s so important for customers to support small businesses; and at same time, for businesses across the board to be supporting one another.

Pandemic or not, the Schibello philosophy is to treat our client relationships as more than just transactional, but rather like a lifelong partnership. With so many suppliers out there, we value the trust our clients put in us to deliver to them as promised – and that’s delivering more than just a product but an all-encompassing service. With that said, here’s what we’re recommending for our clients and how we’re assisting during this time:

We’re here for you.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team have continued to be on the ground, visiting cafes and small businesses, and have listened to all of the setbacks and issues at play. This list has compiled the solutions to many of those setbacks in hopes that other local businesses can stay ahead.

Note: We’re also continuing our training workshops over zoom, so if you need any staff training, technical support, or help with any of the above, we’re more than happy to assist over zoom!

Contact the team with any questions, here: (02) 9807 6033 or reception@schibellocaffe.com

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