Finally… it’s here!

After almost a year of blood, sweat and cold brew – Schibello is excited to introduce Nero Nitro to the market. Months of reworking recipes and long hours in the lab with our coffee specialists have lead to the creation of an easy-to-drink nitro product. It’s creamy texture, partnered with lush notes of melon and butterscotch, marries beer & coffee to fashion the perfect summer drink.

Our nitro coffee derives its flavour from a lighter roast of Schibello’s Ethiopian Sidamo single origin. Blossoming with fruity notes, our Nitro brew has lively profile that will take your pallet to where you’d rather be – beach bound on winding roads, with ocean breezes & sun kissed skin.

The 12 hour process of cold extraction results in significantly less acidity and emphasised fruit and sweetness, this is further enhanced by the introduction of nitrogen that delivers a crisp and creamy texture. The end product is then kegged, and ready to serve using a chilled tap, courtesy of Purezza. A beer-like pour, and a recommended garnish of orange or lime, and you have the perfect summer glass of Nitro coffee.

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