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Hario has become renown for this 60 degree angled design with the large hole in the middle and spiral ridges around the edges. The lightweight and durable design allows for easy brewing on the go! Brews 2 cups. Available in glass or plastic.


The perfect tool for those wishing to improve their technique and brews when using pour-over brewers like the V60. An impressive combination of form and function, this handsome kettle is the perfect companion for pour-over coffee brewers.

Brew Gear

V60 Server


This stylish V60 Server is made with heat resistant glass, which is perfect for serving hot coffee. Its versatility of uses makes it a delight to have in the kitchen. Designed to complement the V60 cone-shaped coffee drippers and Buono Kettle.


This pack includes: 1 x BDW60FCF4 Brewista Full Cone Glass Dripper 1 x VCF-02-40W Hario 02 Filter Papers (Pack of 40) 1 x BRWHG8C Brewista Hourglass Brewer 8 Cup 1 x BVG600ML Brewista Glass Server 600ml 1 x BWRRS1 Brewista Ratio Scale

Brew Gear

V60 Paper Filter


40/100 bleached filter papers suitable for pourover 2 cup V60 brewers.

Brew Gear

V60 Drip Scale


These battery operated scales are ideal for improving accuracy when making pour over coffee.