Eureka Mignon Manuale Coffee Grinder


Eureka Mignon Manuale Black Coffee Grinder

Eureka specialize in designing and manufacturing Coffee Grinders with elegant design and innovative technology. Eureka aims to be the reference company for innovation in the Coffee Grinder industry. Providing a wide range of professional Coffee Grinders to meet the clients productivity needs. All Eureka’s are made in Florence Italy and have been since 1920.

Eureka Mignon Manuale is the essence of home grinders, offering consistency and full control in a small package. With a 300g bean hopper and 50mm flat burrs, the Manuale is the perfect companion for the home barista. Eureka Mignon Manual coffee grinder is the best way to ensure you have freshly ground coffee for your coffee machine when you need it. The Manuale is key to simplicity, without the bells and whistles that other coffee grinders have.

Eureka coffee grinders all come with micrometric grind adjustments, meaning you can grind to suit any brewing method. Once again the Eureka Mignon Manual Coffee Grinder makes dosing incredibly easy with its hands free features, simply press the portafilter under the dosing funnel and grind till the desired dose is achieved.