La Pavoni Stradivari STL


With more than one hundred years of experience in the manufacture of espresso machines, La Pavoni has become an Italian icon, recognised world wide for prestige and excellence in the field of espresso.

After the success of the model Europiccola (1950) and Professional (1970), comes the Stradivari (2005). The La Pavoni Stradivari has been designed drawing inspiration from the famous violin designer and maker Antonio Stradivari. The plinth is reminiscent of a violin case and the lever to the bow. The result is performance and an aesthetic design that La Pavoni are famous for.

La Pavoni Stradivari STL Features:

  • Traditional Italian lever espresso maker with pressure profiling capability

  • Integrated milk steaming wand with a two-hole steam tip.

  • Water level indicator to make sure that you never let the boiler run dry

  • Traditional hand build

  • Brass boiler

La Pavoni Stradivari STL Specifications:

  • Boiler capacity 0.8L

  • Boiler pressure 0.7 – 0.8 bar

  • Dimensions (w x h x d) – 200 x 290 x 320 mm

  • Weight 6 Kg


  • Group Handle

  • 1x Double & 1x Single 52mm Filter Basket

  • Two-Piece Drip Tray

  • Water Tank 2.5 L