Mazzer Major Auto Grinder ( Pre-Loved )


Easily keep up with order with the Mazzer Major Automatic Grinder. Featuring rapid 83mm flat burrs, a stepless grind collar, and an auto-fill function for the doser, it’s a stellar option for cafes who are used to having a steady flow of traffic.

The 83mm flat burrs deliver consistently uniform grounds for espresso at lighting speed. At 1400-1600 rpm, it’s one of the fastest Mazzers out there. The stepless grind collar doesn’t limit you to predetermined number of settings, enabling you to find that perfect grind size.

This is the automatic version of this grinder. While running, the grinder automatically fills the doser with freshly ground coffee every 12 doses. This gives you a continual supply of espresso grounds and reduces the time between each shot. The doser can be adjusted to dispense between 5.5 and 8g of coffee.

The Mazzer Major Automatic features a generous 1.8kg hopper that keeps the shots flowing for long periods of time before a refill is needed. An electronic fan keeps the entire device cool, even on warm, busy days.

Ideal For: Medium to High-Volume Cafes

Mazzer Major Automatic Grinder Features

83mm Flat Burrs — Produce consistent and precise grounds for espresso.

Stepless Grind Collar — Find the perfect grind size without limits on settings.

Automatic Grinding — Grinds more coffee every twelve doses automatically, giving you a constant supply of freshly ground coffee.

Adjustable Dosing — Consistently doses 5.5 to 8g of coffee, depending on your setting.

Generous 1.8kg Hopper — Perfect for keeping the shots flowing in high-volume locations.

Electronic Fan — Keeps the grinder a steady temperature at all times.