Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher 360ml/12oz


Available in black colour only.

The Rhino Stealth Milk Pitcher range has been developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry. Designed to be comfortable in the hand and incredibly durable, the Rhino Stealth Pitcher is a great choice for both professional and home baristas.


– Premium Non-Stick Coating: With a non-stick and food safe double coating, this milk jug is durable and very easy to keep clean.
– Stainless Steel Body: A 1mm thick food grade stainless steel body provides a longer stretch time for texturing milk. This thicker grade steel also provides a great weight and professional feel.
– Professional Spout: Designed for smooth pouring and latte art.
– Comfortable Handle: Great for the busy barista!
– Material: Stainless Steel

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