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Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team have continued to be on the ground, visiting cafes and small businesses, and have listened to all of the setbacks and issues at play. This list has compiled the solutions to many of those setbacks in hopes that other local businesses can stay ahead.

Note: We’re also continuing our training workshops over zoom, so if you need any staff training, technical support, or help with any of the above, we’re more than happy to assist over zoom!

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1. Get back on the tools

For venue owners to save costs during this time, you may need to put yourself back on the tools. Yes, that may be a challenging call and it may mean cutting staff hours back but remind yourself that you are running a business at the end of the day. There are grants out there to support staff so make sure they’re aware of these and they get the extra help they need. If you don’t know about the relevant grants available to you and your staff, get in touch with us; we’re here to help.


2. Reduce your menu

Do a handful of things you’re known for and do them well. Take the opportunity to cut out items that cost too much in raw materials and labour. Make sure menu ingredients and uses are interchangeable as well as sticking to common ingredients that are easy to access.

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3. Reduce your hours if necessary

Instead of having days that cost you to open, close early if you need to or do limited specials on an afternoon that only requires yourself and maximum one staff member to put out.


4. Reduce stock

If you cut down your menu, you’ll be best set up to manage small, weekly orders to suppliers. Don’t carry stock – sit down and plan out what you need to survive so you can keep cashflow tight.


5. Sell Out

Get comfortable with selling out at certain times. Yes, you may lose a sale or two, but you won’t have leftover stock and prevent waste. During this time, 9 times out of 10 people will support you and pick something else you’re offering anyway.


6. Social media

If you’re not busy, market the hell out of your business. Keep posting your specials and offers so people know you’re open. Make your Instagram shoppable and sell products online if possible (we can also help with this). Then consider doing the below:

  • You can add 1kg/250g coffee bags to your ordering apps like Uber.
  • Eats/Menulog etc. then promote this on your Instagram page.
  • If you don’t want to hold a lot of retail coffee stock, take pre-orders via.
  • Instagram DM or in person with your regulars, then add these items to your coffee order.
Coffee Beans

7. Make buying easy

Make sure you give customers every opportunity and avenue to buy via walk- ins, online, third-party apps, cash, card, PayPal etc.

  • Link your updated lockdown menu on your website and make sure to link it to Instagram and Facebook.
  • While third-party sites can be annoying and a rip-off for merchants, people will inevitably pay for convenience – especially during a time where social distancing is preferred.
  • To avoid running at a loss, increase your prices on these apps so that you’re still profitable; customers will understand the additional fee is needed to keep local businesses afloat.

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