back to basics

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $89
Audience: Beginners


This course covers the fundamentals of creating basic espresso-style coffees. The student will learn how to correctly adjust and clean grinders, extract the perfect espresso shot, basic milk techniques, coffee machine cleaning and maintenance. This course will focus on setting up a grinder and cleaning. No latte art or pouring will be done in this course.

cupping & roasting

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $150
All Levels


Take this unforgettable experience and indulge yourself in the “seed to cup” journey. Our Master Roaster will lead you from how we at Schibello carefully source the best green coffee in the world to the final result, roasting and producing a perfect end product.

Watch and learn how to roast coffee (Single Origin or a signature blend). Lots of time to taste, experience and ask the questions you have always wanted to know the answers to.

Let us guide you through coffee cupping: a tasting technique used to evaluate coffee aroma and flavour profile of a coffee. Learn how to understand differences between coffee growing regions, how to evaluate and create impeccable coffee blends.

Conclude the course with a hands on practical session on creating the perfect espresso on our state of the art coffee machines. Time will allow for building the techniques required to achieve perfection.

team building & staff development

Duration: Tailored to your group
Cost: POA
Corporate Groups


Let us host your next Personal Development day, Christmas party or Team Building event with a coffee making experience. Attendees will learn the art of coffee making in a fun and interactive way, our trainers will ensure the best possible experience for your group. Why not conclude your session with a fully catered morning or afternoon high tea?

advanced barista

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $99
Advanced Only

  • How coffee beans are harvested, processed and roasted to produce different flavour profiles
  • Advanced espresso extraction and diagnosis
  • An up close look at coffee beans and grinds and why your coffee grinder is so important
  • How to look after your espresso machine and grinder and troubleshoot problems that may occur
  • Factors that can affect coffee taste and foam stability, covering the question “Are all milks the same?”
  • How to prepare milk for latte art
  • Coffee art techniques, fudging and etching
  • Plenty of hands-on practicing time for learners

machine mechanics

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $120
Coffee Machine Owners


Full understanding of the mechanics of all the equipment including grinders. Trouble shoot and fix minor problems, including changing spare parts both in machines and grinders. How to clean and maintain equipment. This course will be conducted by our experienced technicians and mechanics.